Hardware & Software Requirements

The following are the minimum software/hardware requirements for student participation in Inspira courses/programs.


  • A PC running Windows XP or higher Or A Mac running OS X Or A Chromebook running Chrome OS
  • Minimum 2 GB of RAM
  • High-speed internet  (minimum 5 Mbps upload & download speed) 
  • Quality headphones or speakers
  • Functional webcam and microphone


  • Adobe Reader and Shockwave 
  • Generic office suite including a word
  • processing application
  • Quality scanning method (the TurboScan app will suffice)


  • Mozilla Firefox    
  • Internet Explorer
  • Safari 
  • Google Chrome

Some course scenarios may call for a scanner or a camera phone to submit specific handwritten assignments. It is recommended that students have the most updated browser versions and operating systems above downloaded. 

Appropriate Use of Technology ***

Our policies clearly communicate that any student utilizing technology in an inappropriate manner will face the following consequences. Firstly, the student and parent (if under the age of 18) will be contacted in order to be apprised of their misuse. The severity of consequences may differ based on the scenario. Some cases may result in the immediate removal of the student from the course without refund.

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